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360 Degree Real Estate Showcase

Gibeau 360 degree

The virtual reality (VR) craze has started! How many of you have seen or received a pair of VR Glasses / headset for Christmas? You might of seen some videos of people trying roller coasters or playing 360 degree immersive games. I’ve tried it, it’s awesome. I’ve VIRTUALLY visited huts in Bora Bora, visited places around the world without leaving the comfort of my home. I’ve VIRTUALLY flown fighter jets and explored deep underwater caves. Experienced a concert on the stage looking at any band member and the crowd was cheering, i saw. I was right on the field during and NFL game, I experienced an NHL hockey game where I controlled the cameras… all this and more.

It all started with Google Cardboard, designed to be affordable and almost free to anyone. You can purchase a VR headset made from cardboard for under 2$ or you can purchase a 30$ pair like I did. Your Android or Apple smartphone will fit in the VR headset. Of course you don’t need to have a VR headset to enjoy 360 degree video. So what’s the difference between VR and 360? Not much apart from using the headset or not. When you are using a VR headset the sensors in your smartphone will control the field of view of the 360 degree video and since the VR video is stereoscopic it gives it more a 3D effect. Now on the other hand 360 video can be viewed on almost any smartphone or computer and you control the view on the video with your finger or mouse.

How does this all relate to real estate? Well virtual reality and 360 degree is not just about games and roller coasters. Imagine you can visit a house at anytime of the night or morning. You don’t have to make any special arrangements to view our 360 degree listings. You get a feel for the house, not just pictures. Our 360 degree listing videos help potential buyers view from floor to ceiling. We add a few labels in our 360 videos to help you situate yourself inside the house.

We make our videos available to Google and Facebook. Google cardboard is fully supported within Youtube and offers your the choice of viewing a VR/360 video in either normal mode where you use your finger on the screen or for the full effect use Google cardboard with your favorite VR headset. We usually link your VR/360 video to and your MLS listing. Facebook also introduced support for 360 video and we take full advantage of this fact.

Enjoy the Facebook video:

Enjoy the Youtube video:

We are very exited to be able to offer this added service to our clients. To find out if you qualify please contact us today!

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